YaDD (Yet another DSC Decoder): by Dirk Claessens
Excellent free DSC Decoding Software.

All of us DSC enthusiasts, received a nice Christmas present from Dirk Claessens in Belgium. YaDD version 1.3 was released on the 8th December 2013. With it's excellent decoding abilities easy to use interface surprisingly simple setup created by the author of YaND (Yet another NAVTEX Decoder), you just know this is going to be good. Now if I can just get Santa to bring me more radio time!

YaDD - Main Screen.

Installation could not be much simpler, download the file and install it. Start YaDD, select the AUDIO INPUT button and set your audio source. Select the Coast Station tab, and then on the lower right input your Latitude & Longitude (in decimal degrees). Set your receiver to say 16804.5 USB actually I turned my receive frequency down about 1.7 to 16802.8 USB and let the Autotuning do it’s thing. So now would be a good time to turn Autotuning ON and set the RX FREQ dropdown to the frequency you are monitoring ie 16804.5, 12577.0 etc. the SIGNAL POLARITY radio buttons should be checked for Normal if you are using USB or Inverted if using LSB. If your IMP.LEVEL meter is sitting at about half way with no signal present, simply wait and soon you will see some decodes.

YaDD - Log Screen.

Obviously clicking on the Log tab brings up the Log. Surprise! View the Log, Search, Filter by Coast Station, Ship or ALL as well as a very handy Bulk Delete (But be careful). This is a very comprehensive log system.

As well as all this in the installation directory, there is an application called DBManager.exe. which for the more experienced computer user can give you just about all the power over the log you could possibly want. Just a word of caution, BACK UP! your log file. It will have an .abs file extension, BEFORE playing with it. You have been warned!

YaDD version 1.3, is a nice simple to get going application that works great. I have only had a brief chance to try it out, and at the moment I’m suffering some really bad noise at my QTH which seems to get worst about the time I get to turn on the radio. But it does a very capable job of decoding and hears anything the other decoders can considering my location and antennas. There’s no rig control so it’s up to you to remember to set you RX.Freq when you change frequency, otherwise your log won’t be of much use. Speaking of the log system it really is very good and easy to use. Overall it's a great way to get started in this fascinating side of our radio hobby.

I downloaded YaDD version 1.3 from the NDB List information page. datamodes section

There is much more to this application than what I’ve touched on here, Everyone interested in DSC Decoding should find YaDD a place on the computer desktop. Thank’s to Dirk for his hard work giving us such a nice Christmas present.

73 AL (VK4BL)

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